Telemedicine Appointments in Florida & Michigan

We are honored for your trust and

look forward to taking part in your care!

  • You will need a computer or smart phone to connect with our Telemedicine Platform.

  • Please click on the button above to access our scheduling platform, fill out the information and you will get an email/text that your appointment request has been received.

  • Once your Appointment has been confirmed by our office, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access our Patient Portal.

  • There is a very simple click and submit process that will allow you to easily  complete our any of our patient paperwork.

  • The day of your visit you will receive a reminder email/text with a link for our Virtual Office for your Telemedicine Appointment. 

  • Out of respect to all of our patients your appointment will start on time, so please be punctual.

  • You will not need to download any Apps.  Everything can be completed from your phone through a web browser.

  • Email us any questions or concerns!

Thanks! Message Sent.

*General Questions only. No Medical Care Can be Emailed.