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At Mobility Medicine, we provide TeleMedicine Consultations for Musculoskeletal (Body) Problems, Injuries or Pain.  We have a holistic, patient-centered approach to your care and our goal is to get the root of the problem and solve it.


Patients book with us to help them diagnosis, manage and/or provide direction to both new and ongoing problems.  The visits entail our Board Certified Physician going through a thorough history of the problem, a TeleMedicine exam and then discussing what are the next best options for you to decide the direction of your care.  These step may include at home exercises, supplements, imaging orders.  If needed it may also include medications (no opiates), referral to appropriate specialists and/or recognizing concerning symptoms that may warrant a visit to an ER/Urgent Care.

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"I have had chronic neck pain from severe arthritis and had seen neurologists, neurosurgeons and tried acupuncture, physical therapy and chiropractic care with little relief. He was the first one to suggest I get my teeth in order and his manipulation has helped me more than I could believe. He is one of a handful of doctors I know who are competent & compassionate."

— Dr.R