We do not see Medicare Beneficiaries

$99.00 per Month

  • Additional Members

    • Spouse (+$70.00)

    • Child (+$50.00)

      • Must Have an Adult Member

"Per Visit" Pricing Options Plus:

  • Up to Four TeleMedicine Visits per Month

  • Access to More Evening and Weekend Appointments

  • Allows for More Continuity and More Care

  • Any Paperwork or Follow Up Fees Included

  • Easily Sign Up When Making Your Appointment

  • Month to Month Option with 30 Day Cancellation Notice

  • 10% Discount with one year Commitment


Contact us for more information about pricing plans custom tailored to your business.

  1. We can help with:

  2. Productivity

  3. Less Missed Days

  4. Injury Prevention

  5. Return to Work

  6. Improved Morale

  7. and Much More!

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