Stay Well Hotel Rooms

July 17, 2017

I have had patients show interest recently in the line of Stay Well Hotel Rooms (  These are specific rooms that are currently offered at 7 different hotels through out the U.S.  They are aimed at providing a healthier, more relaxed atmosphere for your stay.  I took the opportunity to check one out at the MGM Las Vegas recently.  There are a few key features which can be explored in detail on their website.  One of the big features is the air purification system that each room sports.  I can say the room definitely was free from any bad or unusual smells.  The air seemed really fresh.  There is also an aroma therapy machine which was a nice addition.  There is a shower infuser that is supposed to help with soft hair and skin.  I'm not sure how much benefit that was in my little time using it, but I can say there weren't any problems with it.  The rooms are equipped with better mattresses as well.  They seemed a bit firm at first, but they were extremely comfortable.  There is also a lot of lighting features to help create a more inviting environment.  The bathroom mirror was very well lit, but also have an "energizing option" which would try the tone of the light to help wake you up.  The room had great ambient floor light which made finding your way around in the dark easy without waking you up too much.  Probably the greatest feature associated with these rooms though is the individuality.  The Stay Well rooms were the entire 14th and 15th floors, so you had less people using those elevators which made for an easier time getting to and from the room.  There is also a welcome/check-in lounge for Stay Well guests only.  The lounge may have been the most welcome amenity.  It made for a lot less stress whenever I needed to be in contact with the front desk.  It allows you to avoid lines and they provided free bottled water.  Overall, I would definitely recommend to my patients to stay in a Stay Well room when presented the opportunity.  In my short time there, I feel it allowed for quicker relaxation for a nominal increase in price!



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